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Black Horse Excellence is working persistently to create tech solutions which are dynamic, automatic and works with minimum efforts.

Very large number of finance people are using spreadsheet for their day to day calculations, preparing reports, dashboard. MS Excel comes with thousands of formulas, features, tools, VBA and many more. We have applied these formulas, features, tools, VBA to develop automation tools on MS Excel platform. The one of objectives is to keep usability of tools easy, fast and flexible with the best use of MS Excel.

At present, we have automation tools like Schedule 3 Automation tool, Balance Sheet Automation Tool, FAR with Perpetual Depreciation Calculator. While developing these tools on MS Excel, we have developed new methodologies and applied newer concepts to ensure completeness of output. These concepts are challenging the traditional practices followed for the decades. One of such concepts is Application of Time Value of Money Concept to the WDV method of Depreciation calculation.

Black Horse Excellence has been started by CA Vishal Mulchandani and Hiren Raval in March,2019 with an objective to develop an Excel based automation tool in the area of Financial Reporting. During our initial survey, study revealed that majority of Chartered Accountants, Finance people work a lot on Microsoft Excel, specially financials are prepared in Excel itself. An Excel comes with in-built capabilities of automating all the tasks that user does in Excel. Here, we have done all for you.

We have got incorporated as a Private Limited company in March, 2021. It is Black Horse Excellence Private Limited, developer of Automation Tool. We are a Startup recognized by the Department For Promotion Of Industry And Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

Why Excel ?

Because everyone has an Excel, but everyone do not have either Excel Coder or time to invest in learning Macro, VBA coding.

Development Team

Black Horse Excellence is India’s 1st Excel Automation Tool developer for CA firms.

Chartered Accountant

Excel VBA Coder


CA Vishal Mulchandani

Vishal Mulchandani is Chartered Accountant by profession. He has chosen path of entrepreneurship in his early age of career and started his own venture “Black Horse Excellence”, which is India’s first organization, designing and developing Excel based Automation Tools for Chartered Accountants. Previously, he had worked in Tata Consultancy Services Limited(TCS) for 3 years in corporate finance.

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