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Digital Diary 2023

Diary for everyone with Daily, Weekly, Monthly Events, Reminder Tracking

Presenting you, our first ever, Digital Diary for year 2023. Digitalize your diary writing experience. Keep your diary in your laptop/computer.

Compatible on Excel 2010 or Higher Version

Note: This diary does not work on Excel 2007 and lower versions.

GST One View Template (All in one reconciliation)

This is GST One View Template with 3 dimension reconciliation format. This template contains tables to capture GST data as per books, as per GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A and other reconciliation reports are readily available. GST Electronic Credit ledger balance and GST ledger balances as per books can be tracked easily on month on month basis using this template.

GSTR 9C Automation Tool

GSTR 9C Automation Tool has been developed and designed to prepare GSTR 9C form flexibly. Prepare GSTR 9C form in just 3 sheets and export it to GSTR 9C Offline utility with click of one button.

Perpetual Depreciation Calculator With FAR

As per Schedule II of the Companies Act, 2013, depreciation needs to be calculated based on useful life of assets as per either straight line method(SLM) or written down value(WDV) method. These all activities are cumbersome where numbers of fixed assets are high and movement is also frequent. Perpetual Depreciation Calculator is the tool which has been designed and developed to address all above issues and make dynamic dashboard for fixed assets and depreciation calculation.

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