Schedule 3 Automation Tool

This excel based tool has been developed with the objective to automate preparation of financial statement and to minimize effort on formatting and editing iterations. At present, this tool prepares financial statement as per Schedule III (Division 1) of the Companies Act, 2013.

Balance Sheet Automation Tool

Balance Sheet Automation Tool is Primarily to prepare financials for non-corporate organization, Proprietor Ship, Partnership Firm, LLP, HUF covered under Tax Audit. This an Excel based fully automation tool which creates Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Schedules directly from Tally ERP 9 with a click of few buttons.

Perpetual Depreciation Calculator

Problem of calculating depreciation year on year is over. Here comes perpetual depreciation calculator. This tool has been designed after intense research on application of time value of money concept to WDV depreciation calculation. This tool has been tested on several scenarios to cover all exceptional cases. Add basic details of assets and rest all is automatic, depreciation calculation, gain/loss on sale of assets, capturing it in the Fixed Asset schedule.

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