Schedule 3 Automation Tool

Excel based tool Developed by Chartered Accountants for Chartered Accountants.

Schedule 3 Automation tool is for preparing Financial Statements for the Private Limited Companies or Limited Companies as per the Schedule 3 of the Companies Act, 2013 (Division I – Non-Ind AS Format). This tool has been developed with the objective to automate financial statement preparation activity and to minimize effort on repetitive formatting and editing.

Key Features –

  • Import Trial Balance from Tally ERP, Tally Prime – Tool is integrated to Tally ERP/Tally Prime.
  • Import Excel Trial Balance – from any Accounting Software
  • 50%-70% Auto Grouping
  • Auto Rounding off in ’00, ‘000, lacs, crores (Auto Casting difference adjustment)
  • All disclosures of Schedule 3 Amendments notified by MCA on 24th March,2021
  • Comprehensive Qualitative and Regulatory Disclosures
  • Analytical Graphs
  • Integrated ITR 6 financials with CompuTax, Winman, Spectrum, Saral IT, SmartTax & ClearTax
  • Depreciation as per the companies act with Fixed Assets Register
  • Prepare Notes with single click
  • Annexure preparation with single click of button
  • Auto Page Setup, Header Setup (No headache of manual setting again and again)
  • Check Sheet as a part of Preventive Controls
  • Prepare Cash Flow Statement
  • Import multiple tally companies into single excel file – where Books of Branches are maintained in different tally file.
  • Consolidation of Accounts (25 Branches/Companies)
  • Columnar Balance Sheet, P&L, Elimination Report
  • Output of entire set of financial statement in Excel, PDF
  • 8 Colour Themes of Financials (32 Presentation Layouts)

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  • Standard Uniform format for all companies, no different excel files
  • Single File for Financials, Depreciation, Fixed Asset Register, Cash Flow, Annexures
  • To be Honest Huge time saving from 2nd Year onwards – Biggest Benefit
  • Least effort on page setup, formatting and editing so that time can spent on analysis or other important tasks.
  • Sign on Theme based Financial (Look alike listed companies financials)
  • Integrated with Tally ERP/Tally Prime
  • Multiple Trial Balance of different branches can be imported
  • Ready Annexures for department presentation during scrutiny

Quick Comparison with available alternatives

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USP of Schedule 3 Automation Tool

  • Integration with Tally ERP, Tally Prime, Excel TB
  • Comprehensive Qualitative and Regulatory Disclosures
  • AI based Rounding off
  • Perpetual Depreciation Calculator
  • WDV Depreciation Method 100% Accurate
  • Consolidation upto 25 Branches/Companies
  • Elimination Report
  • 32 Presentation Layouts
  • Auto Page Set-up
  • Level of Automation
  • Price

CA Firms from 80+ cities from 15 states all over India are using our tools.

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