Fixed Asset Register with Perpetual Depreciation Calculator

Depreciation Calculation tool for Schedule II of the Companies Act, 2013

As per Schedule II of the Companies Act, 2013, depreciation needs to be calculated based on useful life of assets as per either straight line method(SLM) or written down value(WDV) method. Further, in the notes to the accounts, it should include category wise opening balance, addition, deletion, depreciation for the year and closing balance. These all activities are cumbersome where numbers of fixed assets are high and movement is also frequent. Perpetual Depreciation Calculator is the tool which has been designed and developed to address all above issues and make dynamic dashboard for fixed assets and depreciation calculation.

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How does it save taxes ?

Have a look at below video on how does it work

Key Features

  • Fully automated depreciation calculation
  • Calculates depreciation under both methods, SLM and WDV
  • Calculates gain/(loss) on sale of fixed assets
  • Prepares Fixed Assets Schedule automatically
  • Option to calculate depreciation for Month, Quarter, Half-year, for full Year
  • Extract of Fixed Assets Register
  • Depreciation on Revaluation Gain/(loss) prospectively
  • Adjustment in Depreciation on account of receipt of Capital Subsidy in later years
  • Easy transition from SLM to WDV and vise versa with retrospectively

Price- Lifetime Investment Cost

Rs.1,999 (Entries upto 5000 line items) click here to order

Rs.4,999 (Entries upto 25000 line items) click here to order

How does it work

This is excel based tool wherein user needs to enter only below basic details of assets,

  • Name of Assets
  • Assets Category
  • Cost of assets
  • Residual Value
  • Date of Put in Place
  • Date of Retirement
  • Original useful Life of assets

Rest all tool takes care. You can play with the data with just click of button to get Depreciation as per,

  • SLM
  • WDV
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half yearly
  • Yearly
  • Summary as per Schedule III captured automatically for any selected year(Opening balance, addition, disposal, depreciation during the year, closing balance)
Perpetual Depreciation

In case, where asset is sold, gain/(loss) is also computed by the tool.

Using this tool first time, you can enter opening balances(Gross Block, Accumulated depreciation) to make transition easier.

This tool is very near to Fixed Asset register including depreciation calculation.

Maintain your end number of companies Fixed Asset Register start at just Rs. 1,999 for perpetually.

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