Welcome, We are Black Horse Excellence Private Limited, developer of Excel based Automation Tools for CA Firms. we have automation tools like Schedule 3 Automation Tool, Balance Sheet Automation tool, FAR with Perpetual Depreciation Calculator.

Are you a Medium/Big sized CA Firm ?

If you are a CA firm with more than 10/20 people team & you are preparing Financial Statement in MS Excel manually, then you must have come across to below issues;

  • Lack of Review Mechanism – There is no single check system.
  • No standardization – Client wise financials looks different.
  • Excel Formula error prone – Increase in number of user increase the chance of excel formula errors.
  • Lack of Control over Excel File, Sheets, Content – over a period of time heavy Excel Files.
  • Wastage of Resource Hours – Team ends up spending their valuable time on manual rework.

You can surely eliminate all of above with this Automation Tool. If your team is more big then hours saved using this tool can reduce your cost of rework/errors at a large. Price of tool is same, no matter how big your team is. You, as a firm can leverage out maximum.

Are you a small sized CA Firm or Individual Practitioner ?

As a small sized CA firm or Individual practitioner, it becomes very important for you to have such set of skills, techniques, tools, software which makes your work easier. If you are preparing financial statement in Excel, then you might have come across to below issues;

  • Time consuming – preparing financial manually eats your valuable time.
  • Excel format you are using is not up to mark.
  • Lack of Maker-Checker Concept
  • No standardization – Client wise financials looks different.

We have the solution to all the above issues, challenges that you are facing.

Our Automation tool can be your “trump card” when it comes to preparation of financial statements.

Prepare Consolidated Financial Statements for Multiple Branches, Companies in the most easiest way with our Automation Tool. Get these Consolidation Automation Tools at the most lowest price. click here for more details

Prepare Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow, Schedules Automatically.

Import Company data from Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime to Automation Tool with click of a button.

Implement Financial Reporting Automation to reduce your manual tasks, eliminate duplication of work.

Standardize financial reports printed for all the clients. Standardize process of preparing financial statements.

CA Firms from 100+ cities from 15 states all over India are using our tools.

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